Vanilla Old Fashioned Mocktail

Our famous Vanilla Old Fashioned, made alcohol-free for all to enjoy!


2 oz chilled black or barley tea*
¼ ounce simple syrup**
3 dashes (1/3 tsp) Watkins Aromatic Bitters
1 tsp Watkins Organic Pure Vanilla Extract
1-inch piece orange peel
Orange wedge for garnish 


Combine the Watkins Aromatic Bitters, Pure Vanilla Extract, iced tea, simple syrup, orange peel, and a splash of water in a cocktail shaker. Shake for a few seconds. 

Add ice cubes to a glass. Pour cocktail from shaker to glass. 

Garnish with a wedge of orange, if desired. 

*Tip: Make sure to steep the tea for 15-20 minutes before chilling for this recipe.

**For a great simple syrup recipe, we recommend this one from

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