What began with exceptionally-flavored spices continues with exceptionally-flavored bourbon.

A Spirited History

As a century-old company, Watkins is no stranger to good taste.

We’ve evolved throughout the decades in the name of one goal: providing the highest quality flavors in the best, most delicious products, all made from organic and all-natural ingredients.

So, why bourbon? It’s a natural next step for Watkins. We wanted to craft bourbons that stood apart from the crowd while honoring the spirit’s history, as well as our own—one of timeless taste, deep American roots, and natural ingredients that produce undeniable flavor.

flavor for the ages

Given Watkins is all about flavor, we knew our signature bourbons had to be, too.

Our Apple Cinnamon Bourbon and Spiced Orange Bourbon are made with all-natural Watkins spices and ingredients, giving both a warm, subtle taste that enhances the whiskeys’ palettes.


The best part about our bourbons? They’re just the tip of the iceberg—Watkins has a century’s worth of products that help you not only craft the perfect cocktail, but any and every kind of meal, dessert, and more to go with it.

At 150 years young, we're only just getting started. Whether it’s bourbon, bitters, or anything beyond, Watkins will be here to help you savor every sip with the best tastes life has to offer. Cheers to continuing a storied history of flavor!

The Watkins Story

We’re more than just a bourbon company—Watkins has been providing the world with organic, all-natural spices and seasonings for years.